How to: power flush a central heating system

Power flushing a central heating system or simply cleaning it is very important in order for it to keep working. Power flushing is an important and popular method because it cleans the central heating system thoroughly and the method is rapid. The advantages of cleaning a heating system can be listed down as:

  • Heat distributes more evenly

The system, when recently power flushed, works like new and because it is clean and there are no particles to block the way it works evenly and thus the heat coming from it spreads equally all around.

  • Energy savings are improved

There are no obstacles to block the way and the flow of energy is smooth which in turn saves the energy.

  • A decrease in the bills

Energy savings automatically decrease the bills.

  • The system becomes more reliable

As the system starts working as new, it becomes more reliable.

  • Lifespan of the system is increased

The machine’s lifespan is increased because now there are less chances for it to stop working any time soon.

How to judge if a system needs to be flushed

There are numerous ways to figure out if a central heating system needs to be flushed. You can tell just by looking at it.

  • If the temperature in two rooms does not match
  • If the system is taking too long to warm up
  • If any of the radiators are cold
  • If the boiler creates a sound

Things needed for power flushing a central heating system

  1. A power flushing machine for example, Sentinel JetFlush 4
  2. An expert advised sentinel chemical(make sure to select the rigt chemical)
  3. A survey kit for the Sentinel JetFlush 4( this part is not necessary but it is essential for your own satisfaction)

Preliminary actions to take care of

First, go around the place checking all the radiators’ temperature- it is better to pin point and remember the cold spots. Check the settings of thermostatic radiator valve (TRVs). Find out if the system being cleaned is open or sealed. Remove all of the electrical controls and isolate the system electrically to eliminate any kind of danger and then start working. Turn off all the automatic air vents manually to make sure there is no other connection. Now connect the machine with the system and follow the instructions mentioned on the manual.

Connecting the power flushing machine

Situate the unit at a place where you can easily access both cold water and a drain. At this point it is important to give some consideration to the clients’ property and try not to spread the dirt. This part (in a number of jobs) is considered as professionalism. This can be done by spreading the plastic sheets on the floors and carpets and making sure the pipes are clean from the outside. Follow the power flushing machine manufacturer’s instructions.

The first flush

  • Pour the unit with water and turn on the pump, let this water circulate for a few minutes.
  • Then add the chemical you have chosen for cleaning anf let it circulate for another 15 minutes or so, reversing the flow every 5 minutes for perfect result.
  • Begin with radiators which were identified with the cold spots.
  • Dislodging the debris from within the radiator may be a little tricky. It needs physical force to get it all out
  • Repeat the same process with all the other radiators until t you are finished.
  • This end the first round which means the second round can now begin.

The second flush

  • Leaving one radiator open, empty out all the contaminated waste until the water going out of the pipes is seems clean.
  • Now repeat this procedure for each of the radiators until you’ve gone through the system.
  • Re-open the valves and check if the water coming out of it is clean
  • If you are using a sentinel chemical then no balancing is required but if you are not using a sentinel chemical then you need to neutralize. For that, consult the manufacturer’s instructions.

A few important questions

How long would it take to power flush a central heater?

If done properly, the process can take up to a few hours. The time may be increased if the system is bigger than usual.

Which is the best chemical to use?

Many boiler manufacturers now make the warranty dependent on flushing and cleaning in accordance with BS7593, Benchmark and Part L. It is always better to ask an expert before buying chemicals because their effects are irreversible.

This is not a simple procedure to implement. It needs proper guidance and years of experience to get to the point where you are considered capable of performing the procedure. A certain amount of very accurate information is also essential along with a person nearby who has done this before. You are advised not to try this on your own the first time without some supervision.